The Directorate of the IT Park in the Kyrgyz Republic is established in accordance with the Kyrgyz Law "On the IT Park in the Kyrgyz Republic" and responsible for managing ITP’s activities and operations.

The key roles of the Directorate are to ensure effective operations and performance of ITP, boost exports of software products and IT services, attract domestic and international investments, and create conditions for increased competitive capacity of information and communication technologies developed in the Kyrgyz Republic.


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Roles of the Directorate:

  • Assisting in implementing the national strategy and government policy for the develop-ment and export of software products and IT services;
  • Facilitating export-oriented software development using advanced and high technologies and IT services;
  • Creating mechanisms to ensure a favorable investment climate in the country, assisting the integration of the national economy into international economic relations;
  • Attracting international developers to the IT Park;
  • Facilitating the enhancement of business reputation of both ITP and its residents;/li>
  • Assisting in facilitating science and education to expand the network of professionals working in the IT industry;
  • Increasing the competitive capacity of domestic software developers and IT service pro-viders.

Responsibilities of the Directorate:

  • Reviewing investment proposals in the software and IT area from domestic and interna-tional investors;
  • Providing the Supervisory Board with data required to make a decision as to whether to grant or reject ITP registration to the applicant or cancel initial registration;
  • Implementing decisions of the Supervisory Board;
  • Providing administrative and technical support and methodical guidance to the Supervi-sory Board;
  • Keeping a unified register of ITP residents;
  • Issuing certificates of initial and final ITP registration to individuals and organizations;
  • Collecting statistic data and reports from ITP residents on their activities and other in-formation related to the ITP residence;
  • Advertising and promoting ITP in the Kyrgyz Republic and beyond to attract invest-ments;
  • Working with local governments to implement socioeconomic projects for ITP develop-ment;
  • Signing (renewing) and managing contracts with ITP residents;
  • Supporting interests of and representing ITP residents in interactions with the national and local governments and other organizations;
  • Submitting a draft business development plan and a draft budget for the next year to the Supervisory Board in the 4th quarter of each year;
  • Submitting an annual report for the preceding calendar year to the Supervisory Board in the 1st quarter of each year;
  • Making decisions as to whether to grant or reject initial registration to the applicant based on assessment by the Advisory Board.