Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a governing body of the ITP Directorate. The Advisory Board is respon-sible for reviewing applicant documents and providing opinion on the basis of which a decision is made either to grant or reject initial or final ITP registration to the applicant. One year after final registration of ITP residents, the Advisory Board provides an assessment as to whether their activities are in line with the ITP activities outlined in Article 4 of the Kyrgyz Law "On the IT Park of the Kyrgyz Republic (the ITP Act)".

The Advisory Board is a collective governing body established by the Supervisory Board and consisting of five (5) members. The Advisory Board consists of highly qualified professionals with expertise in information technologies and IT business industry from the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries to ensure efficient ITP development and create a database of ITP residents and their activities.

The Advisory Board is headed by the Chairman, who is appointed by the Supervisory Board. The Chairman is held personally liable for implementation of responsibilities assigned to the Advisory Board. All decisions and proposals of the Board that are within the scope of its authority are considered as underlying guidelines for the ITP Directorate and the Supervisory Board.

Members of the Advisory Board

  • LLC "Logicon" General Manager

    Icon 09

    ● IT specialist - 32 years
    ● Head - 15 years

    Education: Frunze Polytechnic Institute

    Function: Automation and Remote Control.

  • Counterpart International (USA) - IT expert

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    ● IT specialist - 18 years
    ● IT expert - 11 years
    ● Head - 8 years
    ● Coach, mentor - 11 years

    Education: Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

    Department: Natural-Technical

    Function: Software Engineer.

  • Telecommunication technology expert

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    ● IT expert - 17 years
    ● Head - 12 years
    ● Marketing - 11 years

    Education: Military Space Engineering Institute of A.F.Mozhayskogo St. Petersburg.
    Function: Engineer optoelectronic technology.

    The Kyrgyz State National University

    The Kyrgyz Technical University
    Function: Communication networks and communication systems.

  • Inter Alliance Ltd - Director General

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    ● IT Specialist - 22 years
    ● Head - 19 years

    Education: Kyrgyz Technical University
    Engineer Energy.

    Academy of Management under the President
    Education: Master of Business Administration.

    The Kyrgyz-Russian Academy of Education

  • Co-founder of the resource center IT Attractor

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    ● Web developer - 13 years
    ● Software developer - 19 years
    ● Head - 7 years
    ● Coach, mentor - 8 years


Responsibilities of the Advisory Board:

  • Reviewing applications for registration with ITP on both planned and unplanned (when required) basis and assessing their validity, feasibility and priority;
  • Providing opinions on the competency of applicants upon examination of their applica-tions;
  • Providing opinions on residents granted initial registration upon review of their activities;
  • Preparing reasoned proposals on application assessment and selection criteria to be in-cluded in competitive documents;
  • Reviewing activities of ITP residents and assessing their performance against the ITP law and relevant performance indicators and benchmarks; reviewing proposals and providing recommendations on how to improve the performance of ITP residents;
  • Identifying technical, financial and administrative issues in the activities of the ITP Di-rectorate and ITP residents and providing recommendations on how such issues can be addressed;
  • Reviewing proposals from residents for updating responsibilities of the Directorate, Ad-visory Board and ITP in general and improving resource efficiency;
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of ITP’s and the Advisory Board’s activities;
  • Identifying priority areas for ITP;
  • Preparing reasoned proposals for the development of methodical guidance to support in-novative activities in the Kyrgyz Republic; and
  • Evaluating social importance of ITP.