A resident of the IT Park is any individual or organization registered as an ITP resident in the manner prescribed by the ITP Act. An individual or organization can become an ITP resident if at least 90% of their income comes from the activities listed below.

Activities of ITP residents:

  • Software development, including:
    • Analysis, design and development of information systems, including off-the-shelf software;
    • Analysis of information needs and user issues;
    • Design, development, supply and documentation of proprietary and/or off-the-shelf software, including custom products;
    • Software patching as requested by users;
  • Exports of information technologies and software products;
  • Setting up interactive service (call) centers and providing interactive services.

Foreign individuals and organizations can also become ITP residents. Any individual or organi-zation wishing to join ITP should submit an application in a form approved by the Supervisory Board.

Kyrgyz laws are applicable to ITP residents to the extent consistent with the ITP law regardless of their actual place of residence and/or legal address provided that they carry out their activities in the Kyrgyz Republic. Relationships between each resident and the ITP Directorate are formal-ized in a contract document.

One year after final registration, no less than 80% of goods and services produced by the resident should go for export and/or no less than 80% of resident’s revenues should be from the exports of goods and services.