To register as an ITP resident, an individual or organization should submit an application in a form approved by the Supervisory Board.

   Any individual or organization whose statutory activities (if applicable) include one or more ac-tivities specified in Article 4 of the ITP law and whose application has been approved by the Ad-visory Board will be registered as an ITP resident for an initial period of 6 months and granted a certificate of initial registration.

   Six months after initial registration, the ITP resident must submit a report on its activities in a form approved by the Supervisory Board. If the Advisory Board decides that the resident’s activities within the period of initial registration were in line with the scope of ITP’s activities, the resident will be registered as a permanent ITP resident (i.e. final registration), included in the ITP residents register and granted a certificate of final registration.

   If it has emerged that the resident carried out activities other than those permitted by ITP, the initial registration will be cancelled and this individual or organization will be subject to taxation under standard rates, including for the period of initial registration.

   The registration can be terminated only if the ITP resident has been performing activities other than ITP’s activities or consistently evading quarterly payments. The Supervisory Board can cancel registration either when they discover that the resident has been involved in activities oth-er than those permitted by the ITP law or upon commencement of such activities. The decisions to cancel final or initial registration can be appealed in accordance with the Kyrgyz law.

   The registration can be also terminated at the request of the ITP resident.

  The relationships between the IT Park and its residents are governed by labor laws of the Kyrgyz Republic and conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) as ratified by the Kyr-gyz government in due order.