Supporting documents

To register as an ITP resident, an individual or organization should submit an application in a form approved by the Supervisory Board to the ITP Directorate and:

  • Organizations: copies of constituent documents and a copy of the certificate of state reg-istration (incorporation) endorsed by the management (chief executive);
  • Individuals: duly authenticated copies of documents confirming that the individual is a registered individual entrepreneur with the original documents presented as well for re-view;
  • Documents confirming that the applicant meets the requirements of Article 6 of the Kyr-gyz Law "On the IT Park of the Kyrgyz Republic".

The constituent documents of the applying organization must specify activities (activity) required under Article 6 of the Kyrgyz Law "On the IT Park of the Kyrgyz Republic".

The ITP Directorate will draw a list of documents submitted by the individual or organization wishing to join ITP and provide the applicant with a copy of that list with the submission date indicated.

The ITP Directorate will review the submitted documents and send them to the Advisory Board for assessment as to whether the applicant can be granted initial registration with ITP.

The Advisory Board will examine the documents and provide their opinion on the competency of the applicant. The Advisory Board may involve scientific and other organizations as well as individual scientists and professionals in expert examination if required. In this case, the period of assessment will be extended accordingly, but for no longer than 10 days.

The total period during which the ITP Directorate and the Advisory Board are expected to re-view and assess documents submitted by applicants and make a decision as to whether registra-tion should be granted or not must not exceed one month from the submission date.

Sample documents can be downloaded at the following link                  Download documents (ru)

List of documents

  1. An application for registration with ITP signed and sealed by chief executive of the ap-plying organization (or by individual entrepreneur if the applicant is an individual), with the date and reference number.
  2. Constituent documents:
    • Organizations: Memorandum and Articles of Association (if applicable). The ap-plicant must submit original documents for review and copies for filing. The cop-ies must be bound and sealed, and on the back of the last page there must be a no-tation “This Memorandum (Articles of Association) is bound and numbered and consists of ____ (in figures or words) pages. [Full name, position, signature]”.
    • Organizations and individual entrepreneurs: Certificate of State Registration. The applicant must submit the original certificate for review and a copy for filing; the copy must be sealed;
    • o Organizations: meeting minutes/resolution on appointment of the chief executive. The applicant must submit the original document for review and a copy for filing. The copy must be sealed. The copies of all constituent documents and Certificate of State Registration must be sealed and signed (by chief executive of the organization or by the individual entrepreneur, whichever is applicable).
  3. A business project for implementation as an ITP resident. The title page must be signed and sealed (by chief executive or the organization or by the individual entrepreneur, whichever is applicable). The business project documentation must be bound, including organization profile and staffing data pages, and numbered. The total number of pages must not exceed 20, plus 2 more pages for the organization profile and 2 pages for staff-ing data. On the back of the last page there must be a notation “This document is bound and numbered and consists of ____ (in figures or words) pages. [Full name, position, sig-nature]” and a seal.
  4. The organization profile must be signed by the chief executive and chief accountant of the organization and sealed. The information on founders must include data from constit-uent documents, including data on the place, number and date of registration (when founders are organizations) and place of residence (when founders are individuals).
  5. Power of attorney and a document verifying the attorney’s identity. Documents can be submitted either by the chief executive in person or by his/her authorized representative (attorney). The power of attorney must be simple in form and signed by the chief execu-tive. Notarization is not required. The power of attorney must be on the organization’s register of powers of attorney, have a date and registration number, and be sealed.
  6. A copy of the balance sheet. The applicant must submit a copy of the balance sheet used for evaluation of their financial and operating performance. The balance sheet copy should not be bound with the business project documentation and enclosed separately in-stead.
  7. Other documents. The applicant may also submit copies of such documents as: client feedbacks, data on rewards and prizes won in various professional competitions, partner-ship agreements with well-known international companies, documents confirming that technologies (products) are under patent and/or other protection, e.g. certificates for in-house manufactured goods or brand identities such as trademarks and service marks.
  8. 8. Scanned copies of the application for registration, constituent documents, business project documentation, organization profile, power of attorney, balance sheet and other doc-uments in the PDF format can be submitted on a CD as well for further presentation of the business project to the Advisory Board.